Brunswick Billiards Group Unveils Dual Powerhouse: Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton

Brunswick Billiards Group Unveils Dual Powerhouse: Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton

In a thrilling update for billiards enthusiasts, the Brunswick Billiards Group proudly introduces its Sponsored Players: Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton. Oscar, a trailblazer who joined the esteemed roster in early 2023, and Savannah, aka "The Roadrunner," are the latest additions to the new lineup.

Oscar Dominguez: A Billiards Powerhouse

Oscar Dominguez

Earlier this year, the Brunswick Billiards Group proudly welcomed Oscar Dominguez, a legendary figure and 3-time Mosconi Cup USA Team Member, to its roster of sponsored players. With a professional career dating back to 2009, Oscar has etched his name among the elite players in the United States, gaining global recognition. His prowess extends to representing the USA in international tournaments, solidifying his status as an icon in the billiards arena.

Oscar's curated cue collection features the commanding Rage RGJBHH Heavy Hitter Jump/Break Cue, the timeless Lucasi LZSP2 Custom Sneaky Pete, and the versatile Lucasi LUX63 for adaptability. The specialized Air Hog LHAH2 Jump Cue delivers reliable precision in navigating tricky obstacles, while Oscar's personal flair shines through in the chic Energy by Players HC22 in Matte Black and White. All these cues find a secure and organized home in his Lucasi Hybrid PXC2048 Rival Case.

Hard Times Billiards: A Testament to Dedication

Oscar not only contributes to the billiards scene through his playing prowess but also as a business owner. He, along with his wife Desiree, owns Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento, California, providing a home for billiards enthusiasts and further establishing his commitment to the sport.

Savannah Easton: The Newest Addition to the Lineup

 Savannah Easton

Building on the momentum of Oscar Dominguez's signing, the Brunswick Billiards Group is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its sponsored player family – Savannah Easton, "The Roadrunner." Known for her exceptional skills and dynamic presence on the pool table, Savannah aligns seamlessly with Brunswick Billiards, Lucasi, and Cue & Case in this strategic partnership.

Her signature setup features the PureX Kielwood Fuze Shaft, a testament to cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, paired with the Lucasi LZC31 cue butt. For those critical jump shots, she relies on the Lucasi Air Hog Jump Cue, and for powerful breaks, Savannah turns to the PureX HXT-P4 Break Cue.

A Homegrown Passion

Savannah playing on a Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown I

Savannah's journey in the world of pool started at home, honing her skills on the iconic Brunswick Gold Crown I pool table. Manufactured from 1961 to 1974, the Gold Crown I table holds a special place in billiards history, and Savannah's connection to it adds a unique touch to her story.

The Brunswick Billiards Group looks forward to the exciting future these two phenomenal players bring to the world of professional pool. 

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