How to Play 8-Ball

How to Play 8-Ball

8-ball is one of the most beloved variations of billiards, enjoyed in various settings, from casual games with friends to competitive play. Read below for an in-depth guide on how to play 8-ball and enjoy this classic game.

The Break: To commence an 8-ball game, a player breaks the rack, aiming to pot a ball from either group (solids or stripes) while avoiding the 8-ball.

Claiming a Group: After successfully potting a ball from a group, a player claims that group (solids or stripes) as their own.

Potting Your Group: The goal is to pocket all the balls from your claimed group and, eventually, the 8-ball, while following specific rules and strategies.

Fouls: Learn about common fouls in 8-ball and the consequences they carry, including giving your opponent a chance to control the cue ball.

The Winning Shot: Discover the winning conditions in 8-ball, including the importance of calling your shots and pocketing the 8-ball in a designated pocket.

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