Competition-Style Table Celebrated for Connecting Generations through Superior Quality and World-Class Design

BRISTOL, Wis. (April 19, 2011) — Craftsmanship. Innovation. Heritage. Three words that have helped Brunswick Billiards, the country’s leading manufacturer of pool tables and game room furnishings, connect generations around the world for more than 165 years. This year, the company commemorates the 50th anniversary of its Gold Crown® family of tables.

“For more than sixteen decades, Brunswick Billiard tables have brought families and friends together,” said Austin Rothbard, president, Brunswick Billiards. “Today, we celebrate not only the anniversary of this award-winning table, but the role it has played in shaping the industry and the thousands of memories it has created for families around the world. The Gold Crown series’ excellent craftsmanship and sleek design has contributed to its overall reputation as one of the industry’s ‘best playing professional pool tables’.”

Since its debut in 1961, the Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown table has been updated with new features for optimized playability. The current Gold Crown V edition features nickel-corner castings, apron details and a redesigned ball storage area to give the table a stronger, bolder appearance. The large capacity drop pockets, flush rail castings and Quick Set Foot Plates® help facilitate play.

In celebration of the Gold Crown table’s 50th anniversary, Brunswick Billiards will release a limited-editi“Conon Gold Crown pool cue. The cue will be available nationwide at select retail locations beginning in September.

A billiard room is not just about the pool table. It’s about spending time with family and friends and making memories that will last a lifetime. According to Rondi Hillstrom Davis, author of the award-winning book, Together: Creating Family Traditions, organizing a family game night with an activity such as pool gives families a chance to enjoy an evening of togetherness and fun.

“Setting aside just a small period of time together will help build powerful family connections,” said Davis.

sider the addition of a pool table to a family room as an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. The best times of our lives are the ones we share together.”