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Antique Tables
Technical Information: The following information is from page 13 of the 1912 Carom and Pocket Tables catalog of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company.

The table was manufactured under at least 18 patents, awarded from 1892 to 1905.

The Victor table is made in hardwood, finished in Antwerp color so as to bring out the grain of the wood to the best possible effect. It is substantially constructed, furnished with slate 1" in thickness and equipped with Electric Quick Acting Cushions. Furnished either as billiard or pocket billiard.

The table has not the same superfine grade of wood, finish and polish made use of in our standard billiard and pocket tables, but it is well constructed and will serve the purpose for which it is intended. It is especially adapted for small cigar stores, barber shops, etc., where the quality of a better grade of table might not be appreciated. The outfit furnished is what is termed The Victor and includes one dozen cues, one set composition pocket or billiard balls, cue rack and all of the other incidentals belonging to a billiard or pocket table."